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Terence McKenna

Un personaj tare interesant, omuletul asta. Curios nevoie mare si bagat in tot felul de experiente prin lumea larga, nenea asta le cam nimereste, si le nimereste bine. L-am descoperit cam tarziu, desi numele sau era pe buzele multora. Asa-i cand te opui cu desavarsire sa citesti ce citeste toata lumea si sa gandesti ce gandeste toata lumea: mai ratezi cate-un intelept dintr-asta.

A murit brusc de tanar in 2000 si eu abia acum il descopar si explorez…

Iata o mica bucatica din cum gandea:

Ziceti si voi, nu-i fain?

P.S.: Inca un frate scorpion 🙂

The Plant Teacher

This is great. They’ve put into words most of what I felt too. No bullshit in here. The feeling of oneness, the presence of the intelligence of the plant inside, the divine feminine mother – Gaya, the loving joy… I’ve learned a lot from Her, as Gabor Mate said, and I long to hear the icaros again…

James Fadiman:

“Ayahuasca was fine seeing what people treated each other as long as they killed each other. But when they started killing plants, Ayahuasca said “This is not correct!” and the peculiarity of the teacher plants, and we know that there are more than one, but Ayahuasca is the one we know best, tobacco is another. But these are the plants who were given the job of dealing with us. And I bet that they didn’t ask for it. I have this imagining of the congress of the plants that said “Somebody has to talk to humans. Who’s gonna do it?” “I’m not gonna do it.”, “I’m not gonna do it”, “Who’s gonna do it?”, “I don’t wanna touch them.” “


Inima samanului III

inima samanului

Remarca frumusetea pretutindeni. Frumusetea reprezinta cel de-al doilea cadou suprem, deoarece aproape nimeni nu vede frumusetea mai mult de o clipa. Cautam cu totii frumosul dar suntem conditionati sa vedem uratul, sa fim fascinati de vestile proaste, sa ne lasam absorbiti de drama altcuiva, sa devenim barfitori si pesimisti.

Arata-le frumusetea tuturor. Da-i voie altcuiva sa explice de ce nu va dura, de ce este sigur ca, odata cu inaintarea in varsta, se va ofili, de ce frumusetea nu este la fel de importanta ca problema de acolo. Continue reading Inima samanului III


“Over the last few years I have been to the Yucatan several times working with the Mayan shaman Hunbatz Men. He has been performing the ceremonies of the ancient Mayan priests in modern day times to bring in and stabilize the new energies of our sun, energies that have never before entered into the Earth and altering the way we perceive life. His work is very important to the unfoldment of the new world on Earth, and to the birthing of our new consciousness. Continue reading KOGI STORY – THE CHILDREN OF THE NEXT 1000 YEARS